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Mediterranean caviar
Gourmet marine delicacy
Mediterranean caviar
What is boutargue
Boutargue Boutargue is silver mullet roe, originating in countries surrounding the Mediterranean. Using sea salt, the roe is cured and dried to perfection, then waxed to prevent further drying and exposure to light.

Waxing also prevents contact with foreign matter. For the novice, it appears quite unique, odorless, and may look like a flat waxed sausage. But once the wax is removed, your taste buds will discover one of the most flavorful marine products.

Colors naturally vary from golden yellow to darker shades of reddish brown.

Our family has been producing premium quality boutargue for hundreds of years, with recipes and know how passed down from generation to generation. Recent research into our family tree yielded a record of one of our ancestors exporting our high quality boutargue across the Mediterranean to Italy in 1679.

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